ap to ap to laptop question

Hi anyone, I have a remote piece of property a mountain between me and
the city. I am only in the planning stage, and I am working this out
legally, so no real issues here. Plus it only about 5 miles. So my
question is regarding ap to ap setup.
Whats the difference between ap client and ap bridge? What I want is:
1) on the mountain put up a passive repeater (yagi/parabolic,pringles
whatever). One to the city and the other to my property.
2) on my property have an antenna, which is attached to a local AP on
my property, pointing to the mountain.
So what I want to do is have my laptop communicate via wireless to my
local AP, and any other computers I allow, (preferably doing dhcp, nat,
firewalling, etc for my side), and have my local AP acting as a client
to the city AP passing along my traffic as if I was in the main
building in the city.
What do I use for an AP on my property that will act as a normal AP for
my laptop, but also act as client for the AP in the city? And if I
have the local antenna attached to the local AP (pointing to the
mountain), do I also need
another antenna for my local communications?
Thanks so much,
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You could put an active repeater up there with solar power.
"WDS" is probably the buzzword you are looking for in the special AP. WAP54G might do just that, but not with stock software, you would need aftermarket software.
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