Any way of identifying owner of Wifi signal ?

I have three garages that are linked via wifi. They all get about 100 percent signal strength & quality . Now and again I get this signal that distorts my wifi signal. It is coming from a Verizon business owner router that isn't always on. I have logged into their router and left messages . There doesn't seem like much activity from it according to the logs. Is there any way, other then going to Verizon, to located the owner? Anything in the router { ActionTec | MI424-WR }, that can give me a name or address ? Else I'll have to change channels and there is a lot of clients I would have to change.

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I had a similar problem a few years ago, and I, , figured it would be easier/better to change the neighbor's configuration, so I waited for an opportunity where I was the only wireless client attached and the time of day made it less likely that I was disrupting any legitimate traffic, and I changed the channel they were on so it wouldn't conflict with mine. Problem solved, but of course that plan of action carries potentially significant baggage, so consider carefully before executing. Probably not recommended.

Having said that, when you change the channel on the AP, you don't have to make any configuration changes on the clients. They should be able to (manually) reconnect without any drama.

Almost forgot, if you're set on finding the offending AP, maybe you can fire up a laptop and walk around, doing sort of a site survey, until you stumble on it.

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Can you use directional antennas in your setup?

I haven't run Kismet in a while, but you are park it on one channel and let it sniff. Maybe something in the stream from the offending wifi will help to ID it, but I doubt it

I set up kismet to er um sniff myself. I ran wireshack on the device as well so I could read my packets. All this of course as an exercise to see what some hacker could see.

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