Verizon Droid Hotspot

I have seen more connections to our online radio and TV network coming from Verizon networks, and I have found out why.

It turns out that newer models of the Droid have their own built-in WiFi hotspot, so if their workplace is using WiFi for their networks, one could simply change their workplace PC over to use the hotspot in the Droid. All you have to do is keep the Droid in their pocket, while its turned on, and they can surf where they want to.

Since Verizon is carrying the traffic, and NOT the office LAN, nothing will ever show up in the company network logs.

It looks like Verizon has effetively rendered all filtering software useless. As long as you can get a cellular signal, you can use your Droid's hotspot feature, and no record will ever show up in the company logs.

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Nomen Nescio
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If the company you work for has failed to properly secure your computers (company resources), while you might be able to do this, you would still be in violation of most company policies and be subject to discipline.

Your suggested change is easy to detect, the connect/disconnect from the network will show up in the logs.

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