Am I Secure?

I an new to wireless.

I have a Dell Inspiron 8600 and a 6000. Both run Windows XP home, and have wireless cards that I use while on campus. But, while home, I noticed that I caught the (Linksys) wireless signal of a neighbor's desktop across the street. I could read all of his files.

My question is, can he, therefore, 'see' me and read all of my files?

Thank you.

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Shannon wrote in news:

Many people leave the out of the box default settings for the wireless setup leaving their wireless network open to attack. Maybe, you should change a couple of things in the prevention area.

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And may be you should tell your neighbor if you can about his situation.

Duane :)

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Duane Arnold

If he goes looking (and if your connected) he will see you as part of the workgroup. If you do not have file sharing switched on he will not be able to see your files. SP2 Firewall will also give you added protection.

On the other side he is wide open to attack!

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My WPA/WEP key generator program - found here -

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- can help to set secure encryption settings by locally creating a random encryption key. All the other steps in the link above are also relevant.


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John Steele

At 10:39:32 on 21/03/2005, John Steele delighted alt.internet.wireless by announcing:

Except the "Hide the SSID" part.

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