Pick one, please:

Ok, I've got the following to choose from for broadband:

ATT/yahoo DSL

Earthlink DSL and Cable

Road Runner cable


Bright House whatever (keep getting the junk mail).

This is going into a Buffalo wireless router. Also Cat 5 to a close computer (XP Home) for streaming video at the TV.

The other boxes are nearby. (Win XP and Ubuntu).

Do any of you have experiences with these providers? I've read a lot of bad stuff about Att, but don't know how accurate it is. Also how fast do I need to go for video?

Thanks a ton!

(many more questions to follow:)

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Go unto:

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read through the user comments on what they think of the various ISP's. They all suck, but in different areas and to varying degrees.

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Jeff Liebermann

Yeah, I had NO idea all these independent guys were out there. I've settled on this one......

UNLESS you see something wrong with it. I WAS going to Earthlink, but I hear they use POPo tosave on addresses, I guess. And bad reports. Anyway, I like the little guys so what do you think? Seems I can use static or dynamic, too. Any advice?

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