Linksys befw11s4 V2 DCHP server

I've have this router for years and noticed a problem until I connected a Tivo to my network. The Tivo is always connected, yet gets a new IP address frequently. I thought maybe this was some bug in the Tivo (which runs linux), I looked at the DHCP clients page on the routers management page, and the tivo is not even showing up as a client. One of my laptops is listed twice (it even shows their MACs are the same). Is there a known problem with the DCHP function in this router?

P.S. Linksys tech support told me to up the lease time, they claim the time you type in the box will be in DAYS+1, not minutes as the test indicates (?).

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iirc, with the WRT54G, the DHCP status page didn't show my Linux box until I tweaked the DHCP client config to send its host name to the DHCP server (Windows boxes do that automatically). It could be considered a bug in the Tivo, but I look at it as a bug in the Linksys. If DHCP assigned an IP address, it should know who it assigned it to, even if it doesn't have a name to attach to it.

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Derek Broughton

Well, I though the problem might be a problem with the Tivo client software, but when I saw 2 IPs assigned to the same computer, I though there is something more to this. The Tivo usually does show up in the clients list (with no name), but I think in this one case the server decided the IP was no longer in use, when in fact is was.

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