I have successful connection With AP aironet 1100 when I specify local IP adress in My laptop, but choosing DHCP option in my laptop connection failed, I did not find any setting configuration in Aironet

1100 in order to specify IP plage for DHCP connection, Can I have help ? Did Aironet 1100 allow laptop DHCP connection ? thanks in advance.
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An AP1100 can act as a DHCP server given the following conditions:

  1. AP used in "autonomous IOS" mode not LWAPP mode
  2. DHCP server configured via CLI not GUI
  3. wireless DHCP clients are in the same subnet (VLAN) as the AP's BVI1 interface (*or* you have an interVLAN router that is forwarding the clients' DHCP requests to the AP)

For guidance on point 2, see:

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