Adding a Wireless Bridge = Me Confused

Hi, am looking to add a couple of computers to my wireless network that do not have wireless capabilities.

I have been reading many many articles on this topic but my head is spinning so I thought I would ask the experts.

Here is what I currently have. DSL --> WAP54G --> [wireless] -->

wireless clients

What I would like to do is use my WAP54G (as above) and add this: [wireless] --> new WAP54G(Bridge mode) --> ethernet hub --> wired clients.

I do own an airport express, so I do have the option of using this is possible (or would I also need an airport extreme in the mix?)

Is this possible? Does this even make sense?

Thanks, Ryan

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One point of clarification. I currently have a router before the WAP54G. ie: DSL --> Router --> WAP54G --> [wireless] --> wireless clients

Thanks - Ryan

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Yep, that would work. Just don't use an ethernet HUB. Use a switch.

But you'd really do well to run actual wire, it's faster... even more so when there are multiple wireless clients all clamoring for the same bandwidth.

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