Adelphia Cable Modem and Airlink+ Wireless Router

I am trying to get my router to connect throught the Adelphia Cable Modem. Adelphia says they dont support it, so the only help they offered was that I need to use DHCP.

I had my Airlink+ do a test, which apparently started by trying to contact the DHCP server. This failed.

That sounds pretty basic, so I think I am going in the wrong direction.

Has anyone accomplished setting up a wireless router with Adelphia Cable Modem? What do I need to do? (Maybe my router won't work and I need something else.)

Thanks, Jim Beasley

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Jim Beasley
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Q&A # 6

The usual problem I have found is that users are not following the router instructions to start the process by turning everything off (modem, PC and router).

If after following the instructions in Q&A #6, you still have a problem, then turn off the power to the cable modem for 10 seconds and then turn it back on.

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Which make and model? Adelphia doesn't manufacture cable modems.

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Let's see if I understand this. Adelphia sold you a modem and then claims they won't support it? Perhaps you're referring to the wireless router?

Did you "clone" the PC's MAC address into the router? There should be a page somewhere in the wireless router that offers to either clone the MAC address or more crudely, inscribe it manually. That's fairly standard for todays routers.

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How about a clue if the system works without the router? Just plug your PC into the modem and see if that works. If so, don't make sure you have a personal firewall (XP SP2 firewall, ZoneAlarm, Norton Firewall, Kerio, etc) installed before browsing or you'll get attacked by hackers via the internet. Once it's working with a PC, then try it with the wireless router.

Also, did you go through the self-activation ordeal?

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