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I need some help figuring out why I lose transfer speed when moving files from my computer to another computer on my network. I have setup a wireless bridged network between my house and my inlaws house next door. distance is less than 100ft with only single pane windows in the line of sight. I have 2 Belkin F5D7230-4 wireless routers, on one side there is the internet connection through DSL a desktop running windows vista premium wired to the router and a laptop running windows vista premium connected wirelessly. On my side of the network I have 2 laptops connected wirelessly both running windows XP home. Internet connection is strong with no problems at all. My brother-in-law allows me to store my larger files on his computer freeing up what limited space I have on my laptop. The problem is that whenever I try to transfer a file to his computer I get EXTREAMLY slow transfer speeds. I only get a few KB per second when transfering to his computer. If I stream a movie or music from his computer I can sometimes get rates of 400-600KB per second inconsistantly. Also if I transfer a file from his computer to mine I get good data transfer rates inconsistantly. I have also tried transfering files from my laptop to the other laptop on my side of the network with good transfer rates. So it really seems to me that the problem is on my side of the network going out or on their end coming in. Also, the router on my side of the network is configured as a access point only. And have tried multiple settings on both his and myown computer with either none to worse effects. So please just let me know what you guys think and anything you can think of to help me tackle this annoying problem.

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Do you have one or two (or more) ap's? couldn't tell from above... You seem to have a wireless network for yourself, is he on your network, or does he have another one, and you just bridged them together?

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Peter Pan

"BigWill223456" wrote in news:8b2c45637a0d3@uwe:

Wireless troubleshooting aside, had you taken one of your XP laptops over there, connected with a wire, and tried a transfer XP XP ?

You do know there was/is an issue with network transfers (wired & wireless) with some Vista installs ?

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