VPN failing after 2 or 3 weeks

Help !!!

We have a VPN setup between a main office and four remote offices,

each remote office has a single PC attached to the watchguard SOHO6


Our main office has a watchguard X700 with 30 PCs including two

Windows 2003 servers. Both servers has Active directory running and

are DNS servers. One server is used for file storage and printer

sharing the other has exchange 2003 and RRAS running to allow a

single sales rep to dial in from his laptop whilst out of the


The fileserver also has WINS configured, all clients are configured to

point at both internal DNS servers and the WINS server.

All clients and servers have static IP addresses so no DHCP.

I have noticed that the email server has been given an extra IP

address (that appears to work) by RRAS which is also registered in


Everything appeared to work perfectly until about two months ago, now

our VPN users loose communications with the exchange server every two

to three weeks.

They can still access the fileserver and can still ping the email

server, but I cannot browse their PCs from the server and they cannot

connect to exchange either via OWA or outlook.

Non VPN users are completely unaffected by this and the only way to

restore VPN access is to reboot the email server.

Can anyone help?

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