Connecting via vpn

I am having some issues connecting to multiple networks/resolving dns.

The setup that is in place.

Office a: IP range: Co-domain controller/file server on site

Office b: IP range: domain controller/Exchange/file server on site

All servers running win 2003 Firewall/vpn on office a-netscreen

firewall/vpn on office b-sonicwall.

I have been trying to get a remote vpn solution in place where I could have clients access office a's vpn, but still resolve dns so that exchange could be accessed in office b.

Using a straight tunnel vpn, I can access the file server and rdp into the server in office a, but nada on office b. Am not sure about vpn straight to office b, but initial tests have shown that the lag is too great for this to be the solution.

I would like it if the clients connected directly to office network a, since athat is where most of the clietns would be working.

Any suggestions?

Both offices are connected via vpn

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