Lan to Lan connections

I want to set up a Lan to Lan connection in my neighborhood. I have a home Lan configured thusly:

Motorola sb5100 Surfboard modem (cable modem)

connected to:

Linksys 802.11b Wireless Access Point Router with 4-port switch.

I have three PCs connected to the router/switch.

The Lan I need to connect to is configured with exactly the same hardware at the front end but has additional switches connecting more PCs.

I would like to set up a VPN connection. Can anyone recommend necessary hardware/software? Also, if anyone has an interconnection block diagram or can accurately, verbally describe the connection diagram, that would be very helpful.

Regards, gitpicker

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Hi git,

Well, everything revolves around time and money.

  1. If money is no object, look into a Cisco VPN Concentrator. However, money would have to really not be an object in this case, as they are very expensive. VPN Concentrator will also provide you with the best performance, security, and functionality. Its best for coporate scale networks however due to the fact you need to know IOS as well as have the funds to purchase.

  1. If you want something super cheap and easy, you could look into one of the following:

a. FreeSwan - Open source VPN server running on linux - configurable, secure, and fast, but there is a learning curve. If you are not Linux friendly, this probibly wont be the choice for you.

b. Hamachi - open source also but requires no special software, and runs on all windows boxes as well as linux. This is the simplest solution, and I have heard from a number of people its very secure. :

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You can connect as many computers as you like to the group and share files between them. For all intensive purposes, its simple and easy vpn. Good for small networking jobs.

  1. Windows - Most windows server technologies ( I know for a fact windows 2000 and 2003 SBS ) come with VPN support. Its expensive as every connection requires a lic, as well as the server lic. which gets into the hundreds of dollars easily. Thousands if you are not carefull.

With the Openswan, Windows, and VPN Concentrator, if they are not on public IP address's then you are going to need to either setup virtual servers / port forwarding thru your existing router / firewall - IPSec Tunnels. Hamachi needs no additional configuration as it works from inside the network. Unless you have its ports completely locked down, it will communicate freely.

Diagrams are different with each installation with the exception of windows / freeswan (previously openswan )


gitpicker wrote:

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I can mention ViPNet Ip VPN

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It is not free, it starts from $189 But it is easy to setup and you can download it and use it for free for

45 days. Through it, if you do not like it.
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I belive what you are loking for is somthing like IpCop => Find a cuple of old PC's with sufficient number of network-cards. and you will be up and running in no-time.

I belive this to be a good start, and then you can pay arounf with the advanced parts later.

You can also look into the openvpn addon ZERINA.


gitpicker wrote:

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