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Hello, I have a PIX 515E, and I use client VPN CISCO 4.6 for connection VPN. I use VPN pool and my network inside is It's all right.

But I have a problem: The 192.16.1.x transit in my network !!! Could I translate the remote IP address 192.16.1.x in intern address

170.20.X.X? I try the command static (inside,outside) netmask but I received the message Addresses overlap with existing localpool range

What is the solution ? Could I translate my remote pool VPN with my PIX or I have to add a cisco element between my PIX (firewall, VPN) and intern network ? Thank you for your help, Silviu

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If I'm reading your question right, there may be two easy options. Add the 192.16.1.x to your IGP. Change your pool to a subnet of the local IP range, such as

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