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I am trying to connect my vonage adaptor ( linksys) I can connect to the internet but I dont get a dialtone. THe lights on the adaptor are as follows: Power solid green, Ethernet port 1 blinks when there is internet activity, phone 1& 2 come on about every 30 seconds and blink once( both of them at the same time), internet light blinks rapidly on and off. I have left many emails at vonage but till now no response. I am connecting thru a motorola surfboard modem.

Please respond to snipped-for-privacy@hotmail.com

I appreicate the help


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Hi Victor,

You may want to investigate the Vonage Knowledge Base:

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When you need to speak to a LIVE person at Vonage always call between

1:00AM and 6:00AM EST.


You will get a LIVE person immediately between those times.


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Do you have a router? Do you have 1 and only 1 phone currently connected to the Adaptor?

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Rick Merrill

Is the modem connected to your computer via a USB cable or ethernet ? Are you using a Linksys RT31P2 router / phone adapter ? Does the modem connect to the phone adapter wan port and then your computer ? Which Cable Company are you connected to ?

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Stanley Reynolds

Most likely they (Vonage) do not have your router in their database. You will need to call them and have them add it in. I had the same problem when my original router went up in smoke. I went to circuit city, bought a new one and hooked it up and 'no dialtone'. I called them, they changed their database to point my number from my old router to the new and BOOM, dialtone in about 5 minutes (after a reset).....

Should not be a big deal.... My Vonage service has been great so far after about 8 months..

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After I added a linksys wrt54g router and made the changes in the vonage owners manual and the quality of service changes on the Linksys website service has been great.

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