Re: Vonage Improvement: No More Dial 1+

Recently ordered a new Vonage line. The new line does not require a "1" > prefix.

> I was spending $50 per new line for a device that inserted the 1. This > is Great news! > [TELECOM Digest Editor's Note: Since there is no price differential > on Vonage in most cases (I still have a 500 minute limited account > but most users do not) the '1' is pointless and a waste of time. > _Everything_ is ten digits; even locally, and the price is the same > no matter what. However, some people do not know that Vonage can also > be _seven digits_ with area code (where the box was installed, or > 'home area') assumed. Like telco, if nothing is dialed after seven > digits, then it sits there for a few seconds to time out, and deals > with what it got. PAT]

The problem is that they're transmitting caller ID with a 1, so when you go to re-dial a number from CLID guess what happens.

They are having problems, not doubt about it. Today I come home, pick up the phone and get stutter tone. Ok, check voice mail. No connection. Hmm, try dialing my number from my cell and I get "Your call cannot be completed as dialed..."

What the hell! It appears to be working now but during this time I could not even access my web account. It looks like a Vonage server took a hit.

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Tony P.
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