vonage crashed??

has vonage crashed? no dial-tone no matter what I do. Vonage.com is unavailable. Vonage support numbers are all busy. Anyone else experiencing problems?

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I can bring up their website just fine, and I can use my phones as well.

Note that they appear to block ICMP messages, so if you were trying to use ping or traceroute to test for reachability, you would run into problems.


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Javier Henderson

I can't confirm the dial-tone issue, but I do see that their network is unreachable.

-- Ankur

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Ankur Shah

I realized that they were blocking my ICMP requests. I also couldn't access their web page then (~11:50 AM).

Vonage, BTW, has confirmed the outage in their user portal:

"Dear Vonage Customers: Today at 10.45 AM EDT Global Crossing, one of Vonage's IP providers, experienced a data routing issue which effected the Vonage network. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused you and our engineers are working diligently to ensure that this does not happen again.

The issue was isolated to Global Crossing's routing tables, which prohibited Vonage data traffic from getting to its proper destination. During the outage, many of the systems failed over to alternate routes, enabling the Vonage network as a whole to send and receive calls, however individual customers' success of making and receiving calls remained sporadic depending on where a particular customer was located on the Internet. The systems which were effected during the outage were: voicemail, voicemail email notification,vonage web login and network availability number. Network availability number did not work because the inbound traffic from the phone network was being routed to the wrong place by Global Crossing. The problem was resolved around 12.15 PM EDT today and has remained stable since then.

Again, we apologize for any problem this may have caused you and we are working closely with Global Crossing to ensure it does not happen again. Thank you for your business; we look forward to continuing to serve you in the future. Sincerely, Vonage Management"


-- Ankur

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