Gafachi, no dial tone

On occasion I get a dial tone from this provider I can make a call and all is well. But at the moment nothing appears to be happening, just low hiss from the earpiece when I press talk. I've followed their basic configuration guide for the Sipura 2000, am I missing something? Thanks.

Sipura 1001 ATA, D-Link DSL-504G router.

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What do you have your registration interval set to? If it's more than a couple minutes, try reducing it.


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Miguel Cruz

A couple of minutes..? My registration interval on Sipgate is set to one hour and I have no problems..!


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Ivor Jones

I made some progress, and its working for the time being at least. It would seem that the DHCP server on my Dlink was confounding my Sipura

1001 ATA, or at least not hand> ChrisR wrote:
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