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Hello I am a viginmedia customer with a 20MB cable internet connection on the 12 month discounted deal. I also have a BT line. My BT bills are usually

20 -30 pounds per month for between 5-10 of calls. I am not a big telephone user and it bugs me to pay my BT bill being such a low user. I am looking into voip as I want to ditch BT in order to justify keeping my 20MB when the discount expires. Having read through the posts here, I believe I need a VOIP ATA and an account with someone like cheapvoip.co.uk

Looking on ebay, there is quite a choice - Linksys, Cisco etc.

Could someone here recomend one that works well with virginmedia please? I would also welcome any general help / advice on this issue.

Cheers folks,


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Chris Polhill
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Hi, If you haven't got a cable router then you can get an integrated VoIP router, there isn't that much choice for cable ones, Draytek 2900V or 2700V (very good but not cheap) or Fritzbox. If you have cable router then any ATA will work as they simply plug in to a free ethernet port. Linksys is now owned by Cisco. I suggest that you consider Sipgate.co.uk, who will give you a free UK geo. number of your choice and then you just pay for calls, NO rental. They also sell ATA'a and Fritzbox routers etc. For more information go to uk.telecom.voip group , regards, Martin

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