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Have sense in the future the business of the "voip hosting" or not? Could be the same of a web server hosting business?

How do you see it?


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The problem IMO is that web hosting mostly uses very little bandwidth whereas voIP will use a lot of it if it is active at all. If only a few calls per day, no propblem.

Web hosting used to be a good small business. Now it's mostly done by huge companies for $5/year.

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Not entirely true. In most cases VoIP softswitch can only take care of the call signaling, so the RTP stream will go directly between the customer's IP phone and the remote GW which belongs to your termination provider. So on the side of softswitch/billing the bandwidth requirements are minimal: if the customer from Czech Republic makes a call to Australia, and your softswitch is in New York - only few small UDP packets will travel CZUS and USAU,a nd the voice stream will go CZAU. There are several companies which provide "hosted softswitch/billing" services for PortaSwitch

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and I am sure there are some other solutions available.

In general the VoIP solution hosting is more expensive:-) at least right now.

WBR, Andrew

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Andrew Zhilenko

Good point!

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