Bluetooth handsfree for a PC-based VoIP softphone?

Is it possible to define a Bluetooth handsfree as a sound input and output device in Windows 2000 or XP? Which Bluetooth USB adapter is the best suitable one for this purpose? Which Bluetooth handsfree? Are there any special drivers needed?

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I thought that the 'Handsfree profile" was supposed to be more capable than the "handsfree" profile and therefore that any "handsfree capable" headset would be able to work as a regular headset. Am I wrong? Would this explain why I am not able to figure out how to make my Nokia "handsfree" headset work with my PC to do VoIp ?



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Francois G

I got it working. I had just forgotten to hold down the connect button of my headset to activate the connection with my PC. My headset is the Nokia HDW-3. The only drawback is that the microphone sound is kind of weak even if i try to max it out through the Windows "volume control" pannel.

FYI: You may need to define the bluetooth headset as your main audio device. For that matter, go in the config pannel---> "sound and multimedia" . Select the "audio" tab of "sound and multimedia properties" choose the "Bluetooth audio" as your prefered "sound play back" device.

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