VoIP Gateway with Answerphone


I'm searching for a (of course cheap) VoIP solution with the following requirements.

- adequate replacment for existent analog phone

- answerphone

- being able to do calls from a computer (LAN)

- being able to call by hardware-phone

- queue for incoming calls

- piping the calls to other internal members

- Using the existent DSL Connection (I don't want a Gateway for my LAN directly into the telephone-net, ISDN/analog)

- managed call-back service

Is Asterisk in connection with a SIP-Accout (e.g. sipgate.com) the right solution? Can Asterisk handle multiple Phone-Members within my LAN?

Thanks in Advance!!! Jochen

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Asterisk can do everything you've listed here. Some of the items will have a bit of a do-it-yourself component though.


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Miguel Cruz

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Unless you will only be using IP phones (and talking to other people who use IP phones) you will need a media gateway.

With the appropriate hardware, Asterisk can serve that function. However, in many cases it is simpler to pay for the services of one or more external commercial VoIP providers.


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Miguel Cruz

That works so well for me, thanks.

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