VOIP how is it done?

In order for VOIP to work, there must be a PBX switch at most locations around the country, in order to convert the data packets back into analog and be routed through the local phone lines. That way VOIP customers can call analog phone customers.

Ok, so there are many providers out there, and I know they don't all own such switches around the country. They must be either renting/leasing those switches, or are just reselling. How does this work and which companies handle this?

Second question. For internal routing, such as when VOIP user A calls VOIP user B, the signal is obviously not being converted back into analog and passed through the local phone company. My question is, how is the signal able to find its way to user B? By IP address? What if user B's IP is dynamic or he moves his IP phone to another network connection? I'm guessing that whenever the phone is plugged in, it's sending a signal back to the company telling it its IP address.

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NuFone can do that for you.


What if user B's IP is

Not a problem. Most IP Phones or softphone "register" with the voip provider and now the voip provider knows where they registered from and will continue to send traffic to that ip address until that phone unregisters or can no longer be reached.


No. Sipuras , IAXys , ATA186s are the devices that register using SIP or IAX back to the VoIP provider. When someone needs to reach you the device will attempt to "ring" your phone, if its not plugged in then your phone just doesnt ring.

What are you looking to do with VoIP?

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Supposed I wanted to start a service and create my own features and handle my own billing. How would NuFone work with this?

Also, the rates seem a bit high, compared to someone I know who showed me his price sheet. Is that for end users or resellers?

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