Open Source SIP "PBX"?

I am looking for some piece of Open Source software to implement a SIP "PBX" on a Unix system. Ideally, it should be able to do the following:

  • provide SIP registry server to local SIP phones
  • register itself to potentially multiple outside SIP registry servers to receive SIP calls from outside under different SIP addresses (which providers might have mapped to PSTN numbers).
  • Provide some screening logic for incoming SIP calls
  • Forward incoming outside SIP calls to local SIP phones according to a definable logic
  • Doing so it should act as a media gateway as well, i.e. it should be a complete application-level gateway between local SIP phones and the outside world (involves e.g. some SIP header rewriting)
  • It should do so as well for outgoing calls
  • It should be able to implement a private numbering plan/call routing logic for outgoing calls including the use of different SIP caller addresses depending on the destination.
  • It should be able to do codec conversions, i.e. allowing the use of a compressing codec for outside incoming and outgoing calls with a local SIP phone which only supports G.711.
  • It should be able to color traffic by setting the IPv4 ToS bits to a defined value for outgoing VoIP packets, thus setting a basis for CoS-aware QoS.

Is Asterisk a good starting point to look for these features? Or is there any other software you can recommend taking a look at?

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Georg Schwarz
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Wolfgang Barth

You might want to check out Sip Express Router (free, go google, no link handy) or sipXpbx (free as well, at

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'll have to look through the features list, but I believe most or all of those things are covered. These are lighter weight, probably better supported on non-Linux platforms, but lack the hardware support and some modularity of Asterisk (if you need those).

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B.M. Wright

The asterisk seems to be good and gives above functions But now a new group has statred for SIP PBX with opensource SW and you can visit the following site. It is also SIP IPBX.

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Yes, have a look at

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too and CVS version. A newer version of YATE with lots of new features is also under development.

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Dr Balwinder S Dheeman

do they include a media gateway? Can they act as an application level proxy for SIP calls?

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