Simple VOIP help - Cisco 3620 outbound

Hello all,

I currently have a Cisco 3620 with a VWIC 2T1 card going into my PBX.

My inbound is fine, and prior to switching providers, my outbound was

ok as well.

In trying to switch over to a new provider, my outbound is not working.

The only change i have made is to session target with the new ip. The

gateways are talking, but my calls are not going through. Basically,

it'll try for about 15 seconds then get rejected. I have a log of the

problem if that'll help.

If anybody can give me some help, let me know.

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When you say inbound do you mean from switching provider into your VoIP cloud? If so then I don't see how changing the session target would help. Take one of the off net called phone numbers, log into your 3620 and issue the command show dialplan number . Is a dial peer matched? Is it a dial peer that points to the right output port?

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