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I have been using VoIP for a number of months and I'm very happy with it. I have heard that you can also use your VoIP to dial other VoIP users using the IP address, is this true ?

Reasion I'm asking is, if it is true and my mate on the other side of the world also had VoIP would I be able to call him free since I would not be using PSTN?

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Marty Fae Fife
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Some hardware can do this, like Grandstream BudgeTone. Others might not have a way of entering IP addresses. The free X-Lite software phone from

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can also do direct IP.

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Christen Fihl

On some phones like the Grandstream Budgetone you can pick up the phone, hit "menu", and dial the 0-padded 12-digit IP address of the other phone followed by "send" and the other phone will ring. Both phones will obviously need to have real IP addresses.

If the phones are behind NAT boxes, you can still make free, direct calls. You just need to use a sip server someplace to help you make the initial contact. Something like Free World Dial

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will do.

What I find interesting is that some large companies and organizations are starting to publish their SIP contact details in dns. To dial an extension at MIT I could go directly across the net without using any middleman.

$ dig +noall +answer _sip._udp.mit.edu SRV _sip._udp.mit.edu. 21600 IN SRV 0 1 5060 SIPXCHANGE.MIT.EDU.


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Wolfgang S. Rupprecht

hmm, I must admit this is a bit over my head, I'm using a FDX-840 and a normal hand set analogue phone connected to his, I thought or was thinking maybe picking up the handset and punching in a IP rather than a phone number...


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Marty Fae Fife

It is the biggest reason for using it isn't it? RuthWest

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