RTP: Newbie General Questions

I was reading through RFC 3350 and was confused about a couple things. I am just learning how RTP works, so please forgive me if I ask something obvious.

First, creation of an SDES;

1) Under what circumstances would you have more than one SDES? Would this be under the "mixer" applications?

2) What SDES types are typically inserted, for example, for a SIP application?

3) Looking through the exmample source code include in RFC 3550, I notice a concept of senders and members.

  • Would memebers be any SSRC/CSRC who participate a session?

  • Would senders be anybody on the local end who write to a session?
  • Could it be said that all senders are members but not all members are senders?

Thanks a lot for the help.


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