PAP2 config question

I have used my PAP2-NA with one VOIP provider for several months without any issues. I want to configure another provider for line 2. Should the SIP port be set the same on each line. Right now, line one is assigned to port

5060. It looks like the unit came shipped with port 5061 as the default for line two. Should I leave it, change it, or does is matter?
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Thus spaketh Vox Humana:

It will need to be on a different port to Line 1, 5061 is fine.

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That made sense, so I left line one on 5060 and line 2 on 5061. I plugged a phone into each jack. When I called the number associated with line 2 from line one it didn't ring. The call went directly to voicemail. When I assigned both lines to port 5060 it worked fine. I don't know why or if it was just a fluke and there will be trouble later.

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