Response to OPTION and something abt subscribe

I setup a ondo sip server on a PC. When my softphone registered on it , constantly sending OPTIONs,the OPTION is like,for convenience,I have ignored some content. Request-Line:OPTION sip: SIP/2.0 Method:OPTIONS Message Header Via: SIP /2.0/UDP;rport;branch=xxxxxxxx Content-Length:0 Call-ID:XXXXXXXXXX CSeq:1 OPTIONS Max-Forwards:70 SIP to address: sip: from to

And the ondo reply me a 404 not found .Truely the on do having the address as written in the Request_Line . and when I register another server ,it reply a 480 temporily unavailable.I wonder the exactly use of this OPTION and why server reply it as above

Another question,I would like to know something abt SUBSCRIBE .The softphone send a SUBSCRIBE after a register request all the time ,but I don't notice anything special in the content . I want to know when you request some source where it will be annouced in the SUBSCRIBE.

The last ,I see when a phone registerring it will first send a register request without AUTHORIZATION althrough username and password are configed, if failed , send a request contain AUTHORIZATION. Someone tell me where this behavior defined or say exactly.

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Great Vincent
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