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If your company is one of the suppliers of Asterisk based solutions anywhere around the world, this add is for you.

2N Telekomunikace makes an ideal complementary product to Asterisk PBX for easy and reliable interconnection to GSM Networks. I am offering you a mutually beneficial cooperation. You can add-on a good product to make money on with a very little effort investment from your side. The customer base you currently have is the same as for our product. If you want to know more about our product, just send me an email and I will forward you all necessary details. Best Regards Michal snipped-for-privacy@2n.cz

_____________________ Michal Kratochvil Account and Marketing Manager International Sales Division

2N TELEKOMUNIKACE a. s. Czech Republic tel.: +420 261 301 508 fax : +420 261 301 599 mobile: +420 737 212 768 URL:
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>>2N is ranked as 30th best Czech company, ISO 9001:2000 certified
>>You can meet us at:

Expo Comm Mexico > 8th-11th February 2005, booth number 2338

>>New products:

Ateus EasyGate - low cost analog GSM Gateway Ateus VoiceBlue - VoIP-GSM Gateway Ateus BlueTower - up to 8 channels GSM Gateway, PRI interface



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