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The 2N 3G EasyGate is a type of analog gateway from 2N portfolio which supports UMTS networks. Because of its analog interface, it is suitable for small companies.

The main objective of 3G EasyGate gateway is a cost saving effect. Using this gateway, you can spare half of your company's telephone bill since all calls directed to UMTS networks are routed through 3G EasyGate and extortionate bills for the UMTS or GSM connection are avoided.

The 3G EasyGate includes no UMTS engine. The gateway is connected to a subsidized 3G phone which can be acquired very cheaply. This product has been designed for Motorola phones and we guarantee flawless service with A835, C975, E1000 and V975 phones.

The installation and supervision of 3G EasyGate is very easy and user-friendly. If you use prepaid USIM cards, you can automatically obtain an SMS message about low credit on the USIM card.

As a power supply,a new complementary product from 2N portfolio - EnergyBank can be used. With this product, any 12V equipment can work for a considerably longer period of time without stable feed. To obtain more information about other 2N 3G gateways go to PRI 3G gateways.

Features: · Substantial cost reduction · 2-wire FXS interface (for analog phone or PBX CO line) · Designed for Motorola UMTS phones · ETSI FSK - Calling Line Identification - you can see the calling part on your telephone system · 12V power supply · Periodical Gateway Status SMS message · SMS informing of low credit on prepaid USIM cards · Baby call feature (automatic call without dialling) · Dialled number restriction, evaluation and modification · Easy and comfortable maintenance, configuration and upgrade

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