How do i reset a Mitel IP phone to Factory Defaults


I have several Mitel IP phones that i need to reset to their factory defaults. Do anyone know what is the process for doing this?



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Big Phil
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Depends somewhat on the model of phone Try rebooting with the star (*) key held down (until it tells you to release it).

If you've corrupted the flash, the phone is toast & will either have to be returned to the mfr or tossed in the trash. Given the hassle of getting an RMA it's sometimes less frustrating just to toss it. Factory repair is going to cost at least half the cost of a replacement + shipping.

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Hi, I tried this, holding the star key down erases the PIN only. Looks like the flash could be toast.... oh well....


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Big Phil


Hold down the # key while rebooting. Follow the prompts - answer no to the view questions and yes to change. One of the prompts will be to press 0 to factory reset.


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