High volume a-z IAX Terminiation needed

List, I need an a-z termination service. Please consider

1- High volume (between $10,000 and $200,000 per month). All calls will be originated from the Middle East. Please read below for frequently used destinations. 2- I will need to test your service for the first few months. Right now I am using several providers and I am not willing to move all my users/clients to your service without testing. I have out grown my providers and I really need someone who can handle my traffic. 3- Right now the only possibility is IAX (no sip). This is a limitation that I can't overcome. I can possibly work with H323, but not at the current time (IAX is the only option now). My estimate for H323 is about 6 month 4- It would be a major plus if I can create pin numbers of my own. The providers I am using don't allow me to do that and hence I am having to do my own billing for my customers. The ideal situation would be is to allow me to create my own PIN numbers and I will sell them with my own markup. All my clients are using PIN-based cards. 5- I really need quality and ability to handle large volume. If you can't handle it, please don't waist my time and yours. 6- As mentioned above, all my clients are in the middle east. All calls will be originated from there. Most people are calling the following countries: US, Europe, Eastern Europe, Middle East, Eastern Asia (popularity in the order listed). 7- It will be almost necessary for you to have servers in several locations in the world. It wouldn't make sense to have the call go from the middle east to US and then back to Eastern Europe. If you do have multiple servers, I can automatically route the calls to the server that is most appropriate for the destination. Please contact me off-line if you think we can do business together. Thanks John, john_rich62 at yahoo dot com
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