D-Link DVG-1402 VoIP Router


I just got the D-Link DVG-1402S VoIP router and am wondering if this device can be used with the Free World Dialup services. Also, I would like to know if anyone has known the user/password to access the Advanced menu under the router webpage setup? The quick installation as well as the manual don't ever mention the default factory username/password for this "Advanced" feature.


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Bought one on the web and got the same problem. The product description is very ambiguous on D-Link website : "works with an appropriate Internet phone service plan" and "with the included free trial from Lingo?"". It seems that the product is locked for Lingo (There is also an ATT version but it is clealy sold as an ATT version). So I am going to return it and stay away from D-Link for a while.

This a pretty stupid marketing trick. Wouldn't you think that they had figured out that early adopters who want to breakfree of their phone company would not want to tie themselves up to another provider !

In the mean time, try a softphone they work quite nicely.

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