Does anyone have a full technical manual for this unit? I am using it with the Primus TalkBroadband service and it works great, but I can't get the NAT to work and I need to connect through this gateway remotely to an FTP server and to my PC via RealVNC. Everything seems to be configured properly, its not rocket science, but I just can't get inbound connections, its not answering on the specified global ports even though the config is there.

There are a lot of settings in the webadmin interface (mostly for the VoIP) but no associated help pages or proper documentation, not even on the Dlink web site.


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B Nelson
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how did you access the webadmin interface ? I am asked for a userneme/password ?

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Why? Are you going to take it apart? I have the DLINK DVG1120M and the user guide is more than sufficient.

I am using it with ATT CallVantage service over Comcast broadband.

My LinkSys router works fine with it. You DO have to power off all units then power them up IN SEQUENCE: modem,wait, Dlink, wait, Router, and computer. (I use an iMac and a couple of PCs)

If RealVNC is a VPN that would be a problem.

Do you mean webadmin for the Dlink? How did you get the IP or MAC for the Dlink?

Interesting; would like to discuss further. - RM

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Rick Merrill

Found the IP to be and the Dlink has a pretty nifty webadmin indeed! - RM

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Rick Merrill

Yep, Which threw me at first as my Dlink 704P was, but anyway, I was provided with a quick install guide only and it doesn't talk about the web admin in any detail.

I was given the password by my service provider (Primus) as the gateway came preconfigured.

The service provider said NAT doesn't work on them so I would have to use another DSL router and put the 1120 in a DMZ, but then I loose voice/data prioritization or QOS.

The Dlink has the NAT feature in it so it should work just like any other router ie. linksys, dlink 600/700 series etc. Some further info:

I sent the following technical support request to Dlink:

I have a DVG-1120 that will not allow inbound connections for local services on my PC. My DL-704 worked fine prior to this gateway. I have enabled NAT (default actually) and set up the global and local port assignments but nothing.

The services are working and answering if I switch over to the 704 so it is definatly something with the 1120M. The setup is very basic so this appears as though this should work yet it doesn't. I have rebooted the gateway several time and even powered it off and back on again to no avail.

I have set up a permenant IP address and set up the forwarding to that IP so I know that request should be going to my PC. testing from an external source shows me that the 1120 is not answering on the ports that have been specified (FTP 21 for example). All inbound connection attempt time out. Port scans show no running services either.

There is a distinct lack of documentation on this product, the quick start guide is very basic and I have found no information with regards to the webmin options anywhere.

INFO: Boot PROM Version 0.00-B09 Firmware Version 0.0M08aP DSP Version Cap 0xfc1c, Rel, Build g35a, DSP C5402, Platform VPBX/GG6E, Cap2 0x269a, Cap3 0x0, Chans 2, EC tail len 64, PCM chans 0

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B Nelson

Dlinks response:

Unfortunately, the current firmware version 17d in this box from AT&T has some problems with port forwarding. D-Link and AT&T are currently looking into this and hopefully another firmware in future will address this problem. Sorry for any inconvenience

Should you require further assistance with your D-Link products, please reply to this message, or call toll free at 877-453-5465. Thank you for networking with D-Link.


Timmy Ngo

D-Link Technical Support

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B Nelson


No I meant the VoIP service provider and they are correct, as confirmed by Dlink, there is a firmware issue with these units that prevents NAT/IP forwarding to internal hosts. Bummer!

Hooking my VoIP gateway up to another gateway is just ridiculous. Guess I will have to wait for a fix.

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B Nelson

That has to be b.s. or a misunderstanding...asuming you meant ISP.

Right, and I think QoS is important.

That's true, but I'm still more comfortable using the Linksys. Apparently dual NAT is not a problem and doesn't really slow things down.

You are supposed"' to be able to forward (DMZ) from the TA just as from a NAT router, but doing it is not yet clear! - RM

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Rick Merrill

You mean for forwarding an IP without NAT, is that it? (Because my dvg-1120m forwards just fine, but I'm not trying to run a server behind it.)

But if you put the TA after the ROuter and tell the router to put the TA in a DMZ (whew!) that should work, but you could not get QoS to work. Yes?

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Rick Merrill

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