T1 Echo Canceller Recommendations

I have a very long T1 circuit coming in that will require echo
cancellation equipment. Only problem is that I can find only 1
manufacturer on the web and they want to sell me a shelf with 28 slots.
I only need to address a single circuit.
Can anyone recommend an effective, low density, echo canceller for a T1
circuit that provides remote management via telnet?
Thanks - Tom
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Are you getting this T1 from a phone company, or is this your own point to point link. Do you need a full T1 out, or would fractional T work, so you can use the T for more than one device What about the DSU/CSU that is being used now?
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The T is from Broadwing. They don't offer echo cans for this circuit. It will be used for voice only. Existing CSU equipment is Paradyne and Digital Link.
Thanks for the links.
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Tom Lynn

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