T1 from demarc to CSU/DSU - UTP okay?

I need to run a T1 line from the smartjack to a CSU. The run is about 120 feet. I have lots of Category 5 UTP wire. Would it be okay to run the line over a single Cat 5 UTC run? I can make sure the Tx and Rx are each on their own pair, but if I have to use two separate pieces of cable, I might as well track down individually shielded wire.

The run doesn't pass by anything really. There is one low-power 2.4GHz video transmitter that it passes by and the only other cable that shares that approximate path carry two ISDN BRI lines.


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I don't see any problem at all with 120 feet of CAT5 (presuming CAT5E 'cause that's pretty much all you can buy today) for a T1 extension. In fact have used CAT5E for 500+ feet extensions in some extreme cases such as large converted factory building with a demarc at one end of the building and offices in the opposite one. Just be sure to follow your own comment about keeping Tx and Rx on their own pairs.

That's the technical aspect you'll be dealing with. There is also an organizational/business aspect: who's equipment is it going to be on the extended end of that T? Depending on the service and its provider it may very well be the provider's headache to insure the health of that T. Depending on how lucrative is the service they are selling they may opt to install fiber extenders and such on their own dime.

But, regardless of who pays for it, 120 feet of CAT5E for a T1 is not that big of a deal. Should work every time.

------------------------------------- Best Regards, Dmitri Abaimov, RCDD

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