Need name for 3-party call bridging

I need to Google for a concept but I don't have the specific word handy.

There is a feature of phone systems in which a call in made to some destination, a second call to another destination, the initiating party

-which is different from (1) and (2)- tells the system (PBX, Voip router, IVR board) to bridge the two calls and then it simply disappears from the whole affair.

That arrangement/protocol obviously saves voice channels.

What is the name of that feature??


-Ramon F Herrera

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Ramon F Herrera
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"third party call":

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Rick Merrill

The terms that I had in mind were:

- TBCT: Two B-Channel Transfer - RLT: Release Line Trunking - Call Deflection

After some investigating, it seems like what I actually need is indeed "Third Party Call Control" or 3PCC.



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Ramon F Herrera

Are you thinking of "conference bridging" ??

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Yeah, I thought about that too. However the phreakers call that 'bypassing'. ;-)

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