ADSL Bridging?

We have a Planet ADE3000 adsl router. All works OK, but for the fact that I cannot do incoming VPN (because I can't configure GRE Virtual server) What I need to do is get the router to only pass through all traffic to the server connected to it (see below), and the firewall on the server can then do the rest.

This planet is using Conexant/Hasbani firmware. Setup as follow:


I am under the impression that if I set "bridging" to *enable* on the router it would accomplish what I am wanting to do, yet it seems to not be happening.

Please can anyone help me out here?



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Does your ISP use PPPoE? If so, and you set your modem/router to bridge mode, you may need to do PPPoE on your PC. Then public traffic will be under your control (or whatever control your OS gives you).

Or does the ADSLrouter have any settings configure an internal IP as DMZ, or pass through your public IP to your server?

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