Missing audio on a CF-No Answer

Well, tomorrow I get to have fun with Verizon. Only problem is it's on my own line

I have a CF all calls and CF-Busy/No Answer arrangement that started not working about a month ago (GTD-5). I figured it was my Packet 7 line and just did a straight call forward. Over the weekend, I was working with someone so I cancelled CF All and worked with him on the main line and let the forwarded calls go to my cell phone. HAH!

The Call Forward calls have 2 way transmission. The CF-NA calls have transmit from me, but no receive.

I can hardly wait to see how they plan to solve this one :-)


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Carl Navarro
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Wow, 2 hours and the problem is solved. It turned out that the telco did me a favor and put call waiting on the line. So now I had CF busy, CF no answer, and CF variable PLUS call waiting. Since both of my receiving devices has CW, it was one confused mess. CF busy never worked because of Call Waiting.

Once they fixed it, It's just like a poor man's 2 line hunt group (maybe 3 actually). First call comes in on line one, my main telco number, second on both my VoIP and cell phone, and maybe 3rd call on whichever device is free after the second call is answered. If I'm out of the office, the CF no answer sends it to my cell.

I just hope I never have to test the 3 calls at once part.

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