Identify abandoned calls in SMDR log from Mitel 3300 icp


We've successfully been able to record the number of calls we receive from the SMDR log, however, does anyone know how to identify an abandoned call on an SMDR log? Is there a feature we need to turn on to record an abandoned call.

Your help would be appreciated.

Many thanks

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you should have a record in the SMDR for each of the following events (and some other record types)

incoming call, line ringing specifies which line/trunk/port incoming call aswered specifies which extension answered call disconnect caller (or answering party, if any) hung up.

If you find a 'type 1' record, AND a 'type 3' record, but *no* 'type 2' record, this is, _by_definititon_ an "abandoned" call.

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Robert Bonomi

If there are ****'s in the time to answer feild then it is an abandoned call.

what I do to check is:

Is it an inbound call (is there time to answer)? Is it answered(Time to answer is digits and we have a duration)? Is the transfer / conference flag ' ' or 'T' or 'X' that will cover your for requeues and interflows.

Good luck


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Thank you very much. We've now located it. wrote:

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