PRI to PRI with bidirectional channel

Ciao, I have two router with PRI on each side. When the first router call the other router one channel go to on state and so on many other channel but the calls are in both direction (In + Out)

cisco#sh isdn act

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ISDN ACTIVE CALLS

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Call Calling Called Remote Seconds Seconds Seconds Charges Type Number Number Name Used Left Idle Units/Currency

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- In +1299999999 02123456 utenteisdn 123 Unavail - In +1299999999 02123456 utenteisdn 86 Unavail - Out ---N/A--- +1299999999 utenteisdn 80 Unavail -

0 In +1268293911 02123456 utenteisdn 43 Unavail - Out ---N/A--- +1299999999 utenteisdn 39 Unavail - 0 In +1299999999 02123456 utenteisdn 1 59 0


This happens when the call is originated from both side. Why this happens ?

Why some channel in the propierties "Left" are "Unavail" and only one presents the correct value of timeout?

Thanks Carlo

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