anyone out there using a parabolic grid antenna?

following on from my previous post, I bought the wlan grid antenna. Dissappointed. I've got it connected to my PCI wireless card and I can't pick up a damn thing with it. Even my little plastic usb stick picks up a couple of AP's but the grid - nothing. I've tried contacting the supplier but had no response yet. To those that may be using a grid antenna there was just one question I'd like to ask: what it the resistance across the terminals on your antenna cable? ie: if you connect an ohm meter to the cable pin and housing what reisistance do you get? On mine I get a short circuit, no resistance at all and I don't know whether this is correct or not. I may have a faulty antenna. I've got several other dinky wlan antennas and I tested all of them and they are all the exact opposite - maximum resistance, not the slightest hint of continuity. I need to work out if this grid antenna is faulty or not. Thanks for any feedback.

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Any particular reason why you didn't bother mentioning the manufactory and model number?

The feeds to most dish antennas are usually folded dipoles, which are a DC short across the connector. Just to be sure, I checked several Pacific Wireless dish antennas that happen to be cluttering my balcony. Dead short.

Coaxial and colinear antennas are just a monopole with phasing sections. No DC connection between center conductor and shield.

Some outdoor antennas have a DC short (1/2 wave loop stub) across the coax connector in order to give it a DC path to ground. The problem is static electricity will build up on the fiberglass radome and eventually fry the electronics in the radio when discharged. The DC short bleeds off the static electricity.

I can't tell from here what manner of problem you're having. Take some photographs and post them to a photo gallery site so I can see what you're doing.

Also, have you tried the stock rubber ducky antenna on your unspecified model PCI card? Does it hear anything? If not, you may have a dead or sick PCI card or broken sniffer software.

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Jeff Liebermann

need to work

Dish and grid antennas usually use a folded dipole which is a DC short. Yagi and LPDA will show an open. An omni will show open. Patch antennas usually show open, but may show a short depending on the internal feed configuration.

Are you sure you're not mixing an SMA with a Reverse SMA? They will screw together, but the pins won't touch.

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