Re: Does this group have to die ?

Hope not Trouble is people seem to associate security with burglar alarms all the time and other groups tend to cover this very well. Never seen a post here regarding door access gates barriers etc. All security.

CJ (in UK NW)

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Hi ,

Good Point.

Shame to let this die though.

Micky. Leeds U.K.

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Micky Savage

There are still a few who monitor this group. Maybe we should enhance it, and try to promote it through our own sites, to see if we can revitalise it to cover all aspects of the industry.

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Paul Ekins

Hi Paul, I am with you on that one.

Kind Regards.


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Micky Savage

here here BTB came across this today on the new Guardtec 876. 'Dual Path Error' not in any manuals or literature waiting for techies to ring back tomorrow.


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