Does anyone have a full technical manual for this unit? I am using it with the Primus TalkBroadband service and it works great, but I can't get the NAT to work and I need to connect through this gateway remotely to an FTP server and to my PC via RealVNC. Everything seems to be configured properly, its not rocket science, but I just can't get inbound connections, its not answering on the specified global ports even though the config is there.

There are a lot of settings in the webadmin interface (mostly for the VoIP) but no associated help pages or proper documentation, not even on the Dlink web site.


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I just got the same thing as you did from Primus. there is a support page on their website that might help a bit

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but there seems to be no manual for this thing yet... not to sure why beacuse i would really like one too

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Support page is useless. No manual other then the quick start guide. There should be associate help pages in the Webmin interface ( but nothing. The clue here is that AT&T seem to be the hardware/software developers, maybe there is another TA product out there that has the same circuits in it with better documentation? Who knows.

Dlink informs me that packet forwarding will not work. Its a firmware issue and they and AT&T are working on a fix. Who knows when that will be.

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have you got yours to work at all? i have had the gateway for like 2 weeks but they have not got it to work yet. they say telus is slow on giving up the line but it's been like a month since i started this process

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I didn't have a ported line, just a new line and I was up inside of 15 minutes.

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