Cross Battery and Verizon

Batteries? We do not got any heavy duty batteries around the 25 pair cable that I know of. If you can be more specific Id really appreciate it? So, I can be on same page with Verizon guy. As far grounding, I will look into that.

Another thing I am going to do is hook up our Omniscanner2 and do channel/link test on each pair in the 25 pair cable to Cat 3 standards. I would think if there is a cable issue it should arise here.

Things been running great for 2 months now I dont think it is us...

thanks for all info guys

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COuld this be cause in anyway with our inside wiring? I mean all we got is crossconnect wiring from their (verizon block) to our 66 block where a 25 pair cable takes it upstairs to a patch panel.

Now, some alarm and fire guys have punched down onto our block (which I am not happy with), but they are only using that for modem dialout in case of an alarm.

Thanks dave for any additional information


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Hey ppl,

Does anyone know what is "cross battery"? We put in a NBX 2 months ago running fine. Now, we are getting static and crosstalk on some of our incoming lines.

We have had a great deal of rain these past 2 weeks, and have had previously problems with Verizon due to old copper in our area.

The Verizon guy is telling us "cross battery" is causing this?

What is "cross battery" if anyone knows...?



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Joe Perkowski

You should check to see if any of your battery cables are crossed with your digital cables, they can cross and 90 0/0, but if they run next to your communication cables and are too close that could cause that. Also look at grounding.

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They have an undesired connection to another pair; somewhere in the field. Raise hell with them to fix their outside plant.

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