Cross Battery and Verizon?

Leakage or short from another pair.

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James Knott
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Hey ppl,

Does anyone know what is "cross battery"? We put in a NBX 2 months ago running fine. Now, we are getting static and crosstalk on some of our incoming lines.

We have had a great deal of rain these past 2 weeks, and have had previously problems with Verizon due to old copper in our area.

The Verizon guy is telling us "cross battery" is causing this?

What is "cross battery" if anyone knows...?



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Joe Perkowski

It sounds like a local telco slang to me. There are batteries and there are crosses in telco world, but what you'd normally call a "cross" is passive by design - does not need power.

All in all - the problem is still crappy copper, no matter how you call it. Report to Verizon, write to the regional office, do not just get a trouble ticket from a customer service rep.

Good luck!

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A good telephone line has certain electrical characteristics. One is that no conductor should be grounded or shorted (shunted in Telco parlance) to another and finally, there should be no foreign voltage present on any conductor when the pair is opened up for testing.

A "Cross Battery" condition means that one (or both) of the conductors are measuring foreign DC voltage when tested.

Pairs getting crossed up with DC battery is frequently the result of lots of rain and old cable.

Keep after them, keep reporting trouble and *make* them fix the problem, even if it means having to replace old cable. You're paying good money ecah month for service. Make sure you're getting what you are paying for.


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John P. Dearing

More like someone didn't seal the splicing case up properly, and the rain got into the cable. The telcos usually put pressure on the cable to see if there are any leaks along the cable. But when they find a leaky cable, sometimes they just keep pumping air or nitrogen to keep the water from coming in instead of fixing it.


If that doesn't work. complain to the state public utilities commission. If you don't get decent service, you have the right to send your bill payment to the PUC and they will investigate.

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Watson A.Name - "Watt Sun, th

Found the problem. I went out there and found someone had punched something down with the old phone system wiring. I pulled out all the old crap and problem disappearewsd.

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