Cordless phones- 2 headsets at once?

Hello All,

I have had 2 brands of cordless phone in the last week. I have had a VTECH and a GE. I took the VTECH back becasue even though it comes with

2 headsets, you can only have one on at a time. The same with the GE. This is crazy. Which phones allow you to have 2 headsets on at the same time????


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I think the Motorola ones allow 2 or more!

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Steven Lichter

My old GE pair can both be on-line (off-hook ?) at same time, on same call of course. It's 4+ years old, model# on bottom of handsets & base is 21006GE3-A, GE brand, but actually made by co. called "Atlinks USA".

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