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I use several cisco 5300 remote access servers. My radius accounting is correctly setupped but the RAS only send accounting packets for SUCCESSFULL calls. How can I change it to send accounting packets for failed calls too?

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Burzum ha escrito:

This is just a clue I guess failed calls aren't accounting but error matter. A failed call can be trapped and sent to a management center using SNMP As a caller user is not wholly identified in a failed call radius can't charge any thing to it. I apologize since its not what you're waiting for, but this is my point of view Regards Pepe Rodr=EDguez

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hmm well it would probably work but would not be the most appropriate way for me.

70% of my RAS are 3 com total controls and 30% are cisco. So I m rather looking for a same way to monitor failed call for all RASed cisco and 3com.

All of the RAS work with the same radius software. The 3com RAS handle failed calls perfectly but the cisco ones just do not send any packets.

For instance, here s what the 3com RAS forward in case of failed calls:

Thu Jun 22 16:05:36 2006 User-Name = "unauthenticated" NAS-IP-Address = Acct-Status-Type = Stop Acct-Session-Id = "18678383" Acct-Delay-Time = 0 Service-Type = Annex-Framed-Tunnel NAS-Port-Type = Async NAS-Port = 286 Calling-Station-Id = "" Called-Station-Id = "033854212538" Acct-Session-Time = 61 Acct-Terminate-Cause = Lost-Carrier Acct-Input-Octets = 0 Acct-Output-Octets = 0 Timestamp = 1150985136

I m pretty sure there s a way to activate accounting for failed calls on cisco too but can t find it anywhere...

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