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John's comments are quite true, I believe, *if* you are in an area where you are "forced" to get VZN fiber. If you aren't required to get the fiber, and want to use another ISP in order to run your own local servers, I'd retain the copper so you have the option to use another ISP that is more flexible.

In VZN's defense (can't believe I'm saying that ...), I do see why they have blocks on inbound port 80 (for web servers) and the like, because of the high upload bandwidth of the fiber network (2 Mb mimimum?), if they didn't, *everyone* would be running servers.

Now, as for the storage limitations, for example, I don't use my current ISP (a mix of VZN DSL and Adelphia Cable) for anything except 'connectivity', and don't expect to use FiOS otherwise. I use Dreamhost; for $9.95 a month, I get two domains, all the email addresses I could want, webmail access for when I'm away from home, gigabytes of storage, tons of things I don't use, and even a shell account on their machine. Very sastified customer here! (See

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for details.)

On Michael's question, I assume this is the same point I raised, and the VZN reps are really talking about the fact that they 'give' you a new combo router-wireless-access-point. As I remarked, you can have the installers shut that one down after they test it, and then you put the PPPoE login/password into your old router, and you are good to go. The CSRs, as we all well know, usually don't have a clue beyond what's on the screen in front of them and say things like "you have to use", when they mean "normally it's the case that you do this when you don't know any better".

Subject: Re: More on Verizon FioS Requirements > Date: Fri, 19 Aug 2005 10:28:05 -0400 > From: Michael Quinn > This FIOS thread reminds me of a guestion I had. Verizon non-technical > rep recently told me that we would have to upgrade our wireless router > from to 802.11B to G if we went from their DSL to FIOS. She could not > explain why; anyone know if that's really the case? I can't see > scrapping an entirely good router unnecessarily; I regularly see speeds > (according to my IBM laptop wireless monitor) of 11 MBPS, which of > course well exceeds my DSL capacity. > Regards, > Mike

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